Self-care Tips for Kids #infographic

Self-care Tips for Kids #infographic

You've already heard of the meaning of self-care and some ways to practise it. To give themselves a break from their hectic lives, refresh and take care of themselves mentally, emotionally and physically (be sure to read our blog about this every adult should practise self-care. Although we all know that self-care is necessary for adults, for kiddos, it is also important!

While your child probably does not cope with as much stress as you do during a day in preschool, self-care is still useful and necessary for them to practise. If you teach your child self-care at a young age, it will teach them, now and as they age, to prioritise their mental and physical health. When you introduce your kids to these patterns of caring for themselves, according to a Parents post, it will help them learn how to cope with stressors in the future and decrease their risk of developing mental health problems such as anxiety and depression!At Growing Northern Kids Learning Centers


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