Qualitative Data Visualization #infographic

Qualitative Data Visualization #infographic

It's important to think beyond the numbers when it comes to having a holistic and detailed understanding of your data. Qualitative data holds a piece of the data storey that helps us to dig a little deeper, fill in the gaps, and provide the quantitative analyses we conduct day in and day out with meaning and complementary value. It gives nuance to the customers who drive our business, the customers who empower our growth, the public who affect our goals, and the insights that empower our choices. While certain methods of conducting qualitative research, depending on one's scope and skills, have their own specific challenges, there are still opportunities for all industries and organisations to think innovatively and resourcefully in order to enrich their overall data collection to some extent through the implementation of qualitative techniques.

We have developed this infographic to direct you through not just why your organisation is concerned with qualitative information right now, but also the qualitative details.


Infographic by: www.idashboards.com

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