How To Write a Perfect Essay Like a PhD #infographic

How To Write a Perfect Essay Like a PhD #infographic

39 percent of high school students taking the ACT in 2017 lacked the English skills required to complete a college course successfully. 44 percent of hiring managers report that new graduates still lack writing skills after college.

It can be a pain to write an essay, but it is a vital step towards getting your dream work.

Before You Start:

Check the demands

Follow all instructions on tasks, including rubrics and examples

Determine the type of Essay

Narrative: Tells a tale of real life

Typically, college apps ask for narrative essays

Write and build towards a conclusion as vividly as possible

This is the only sort of essay you'll write (using "I") in the first person.

Expository: Describes a topic or defines it

Includes comparison & contrast, cause & effect and concerns on how to"

Present a balanced subject review

Avoid emotional appeals by using facts, figures, and examples

Persuasive: The reader is persuaded to believe or do something.

Answers a question by taking a side of a stance or defending it


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