Hotel Makeover: How can Art Improve your Hotel Business #infographic

Hotel Makeover: How can Art Improve your Hotel Business #infographic

The hospitality industry is extremely competitive, especially to this day and age where hotels use different tactics to increase their income and retention of customers. Incorporating and using art to attract the attention of guests from every point of the globe is one of the main trends in this field.

One of the main trends in the hotel industry today has been the art of hospitality. In obtaining the most famous and sought-after art pieces created by art geniuses and masters, most big time and luxury hotels compete. Because of the vast number of art objects used in their in-house art collection, some can even be mistaken for a museum.

Budget hotels also do it. Many have partnered with local artists to create art that reveals the history of their place represented by drawings, sculptures, wall murals, and other formats that effectively intrigue visitors, as well as share their history and brand identity with them.

However, hoteliers should not avoid saving and purchasing, according to experts.


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