Enhancing Your Model Rocketry Experience #infographic

Enhancing Your Model Rocketry Experience #infographic

Model rocketry may be for you if you've dreamed of going to space since your childhood, grew up watching the space race, enjoy creating models, or just like things that go flying into the air. Perhaps it's time that you learn what so many others already have-a blast (pun intended) is model rocketry!

Over the decades, this famous project of passion has created a strong community. This group is full of individuals from all walks of life who come together to enjoy the hobby of model rocketry, a common passion.

As the group has evolved, so has the framework of support around it. Clubs have sprouted around the country, more brands have entered the market for model rocketry, and now more data is readily accessible than ever before. You've come to the right spot, whether you're a newbie building your first model rocket or a seasoned enthusiast looking for the ideal rocket to add to your extensive collection. Although several models that soar above the competition are available,


Infographic by: garagebuildings.com

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