Top 5 Business-Friendly Spots in Dubai #Infographic

Top 5 Business-Friendly Spots in Dubai #Infographic

With a dream of setting up a profitable company there, so many entrepreneurs come to Dubai, and it works! That's because, with a great infrastructure, strategic location and a favourable climate, Dubai has a booming economy.

1. Al Garhoud Al Garhoud

Dubai International Airport, Deira City Centre and Dubai Festival City Mall are adjacent to Al Garhoud.

2. Khalifa Burj

Downtown Dubai, which is a major tourist spot, is part of Burj Khalifa. The region saw an rise in new licences of 12 percent, primarily in the commercial sector.

3. Muteena Oud AI

Oud Al Muteena is a residential neighbourhood that is situated near the airport outside of Dubai. In 2020, new business in the region grew 6.5 percent.

4. Core of Trade

This spot provides a perfect business place with a business set up that is cost-effective. 

5. Qud Metha Metha

This family-friendly region saw a rise in new entrepreneurs of 4.5 percent. Qud Metha is renowned for its numerous industry and entertainment complexes.


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