Cloud-native as the Future of Data Loss Prevention #article

Cloud-native as the Future of Data Loss Prevention #article

Data loss prevention (DLP) is one of the most significant methods for organizations to defend themselves from modern security risks, such as data exfiltration, data leakage, and other forms of exposure to sensitive data and secrets. This seems to be recognized by many companies, with the DLP market projected to expand worldwide in the coming years. All approaches to DLP, however, are not created equal. In the variety of remediation options they offer, DLP solutions may differ as well as the security layers they relate to. Data loss protection has historically been an on-premise or endpoint solution designed to implement policies on devices linked through unique networks. However, as cloud adoption heats up, the effectiveness of these conventional approaches to DLP will decrease significantly.

Cloud adoption was projected to grow by almost 17 percent between 2019 and 2020; however, we are likely to see much more rapid cloud adoption as more companies embrace cloud-first strategies for workforce management and business continuity during the COVID-19 pandemic. The need for policy remediation and data visibility at the application layer will only increase with more data in the cloud, and companies will continue to pursue cloud-native cloud protection approaches.

New architectural models for applications and operating systems have been introduced by the proliferation of cloud technology in the past decade. Although not fresh, the notion of a cloud-native architecture is an innovation that has taken off in the last five years. But what does cloud-native mean exactly, and how can it be applied to security items such as data loss prevention (DLP)?

Cloud-native DLP is designed to help organizations get a handle on protecting the vast amounts of data flowing in and out of data silos on a regular basis when you consider the abilities described above. Security departments are increasingly investing in instruments designed to help them overcome visibility and policy blind spots, with companies recognizing that the security of their data in the cloud is their responsibility. While cloud-native data loss prevention solutions may not be the only security tools that businesses want to invest in, it is apparent that they would be one of the most critical components of their security toolkit.

Nightfall is the first cloud-native data loss avoidance approach in the industry. Nightfall is a solution to data sprawl and the data visibility problems that come with rapid cloud migration, designed to integrate seamlessly with a range of corporate SaaS and IA as platforms such as Slack & AWS. By scheduling a demo below, you can learn more about our platform.

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