Selfie Culture Out of Control "Killife" #Article

Selfie Culture Out of Control Killife #Article

Clicking and sharing selfies has become a common trend over the last couple of years. It has become a sign of self-expression, and by posting insane selfies, people also represent their adventurous side. The popularity of selfies is a result of human nature 's fear of seeing oneself in a better light.

Selfies show technology's invasion of private property. Many researchers think that selfies allow individuals to express themselves in a manner that has never been seen before. By uploading it to the internet , people who are least articulate and have shy disposition can spread their wings through selfies and become virtually social. This causes them to lack personality and smartness.

Several studies indicate that image-centric social media like facebook , instagram etc. may cause people's depressive symptoms because these social media allow people to compare with others.

'Selfie,' or rather 'Killfie,' has become the most burning topic at the heart of life and socialism. Newspapers today are full of such stupid people who have spoiled their lives trying to take selfies in the worst condition, and needless to say. That selfies have become more important than one's life is crazy.

Many people find the best way to show their fun and happiness to others even though they hadn't enjoyed much is to post selfies. Enjoyment comes from intrinsic emotion, not by clicking and uploading selfies, how you put all your efforts to make the day the most beautiful one ad.

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