Murree is the Best Place of Pakistan #article


Murree is the Best Place of  Pakistan #article

Murree, once a charming colonial town nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas, is now a famous hill station and lively summer resort in northern Punjab's Galyat area. Because it is a picturesque and pleasantly scenic place in the world, the last decade has seen rampant growth and today Murree more closely resembles an overcrowded litter-strewn and a flourishing tourist resort. However, with Pakistani families for whom it is really a tourist paradise, it remains extremely popular and earns glowing reviews from this demographic. It is cool in summer-though chilly in the evening-though light rain is prevalent. In winter Murree hides under a dense snow blanket.

The cool climate of Murree is the very reason why it is such a popular retreat in summer. Located at an altitude of approximately 2300 m above sea level, the area is covered by thick evergreen forests and has a hilly landscape. When the place is less crowded, snowy and the views are too magnificent for words, a few visitors chose to visit Murree during winter. 

Murree is one of the beautiful places in the world to experience snowfall in winter. People play snowballs and enjoy skating in the snow. Bandr point in Murree is a great tourist spot.

The natural scenery and relaxing environment are the main attractions of Murree. It is an perfect location for a holiday and a family getaway. For Nathia Gali, Ayubia, Patriata, Bhurban, day trips can be arranged, while Murree can act as your stay 's focal centre. Murree provides many spots for mountain hiking and trekking, with many points of interest around. Due to its altitude and difficult layout, the Golf Course at Bhurban is special. The region around Patriata has been established and offers excellent paths for hiking and trekking. It also has a picturesque two-stage cable car which would carry the visitors to the top.


Murree is the Best Place of  Pakistan #article

Except for international travellers, Murree is very safe, but a flood of tourists continues to visit this beautiful place during the seasonal period and some people take advantage of this opportunity for their own benefits. So it's given a note of caution when running around the area. If you get lost and don't get enough directions around the area, ask for Mall Rd. You can quickly head to any destination of your choosing from there. Sometimes the temperature, particularly during the winter season, goes below the freezing mark. Travelers are therefore advised to bring suitable clothes.

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