7 Crazy-simple Reasons a New Businessman Should Sell Online Books #article

7 Crazy-simple Reasons a New Businessman Should Sell Online Books #article

Being an entrepreneur is cool.

I mean, think about it — you have a lot more opportunity to gain than you will at most employers, and you become your own boss.

No one peers over your shoulder, underestimates or undervalues you, and no one at all tells you what to do every moment of every day. Entrepreneurship is stepping up. There were 27 million Americans starting or operating new companies as of 2015, and that number continues to increase.

The question is: How many of the 27 million Americans make a profit and how many lose their lives?

I am worried by these figures. I was the guy who lost it all because I was determined to do it, but didn't really have the skills to do so.

I pay over $1,000 for a nice logo and WordPress website for my contract security company when I think back to my first venture, the memory that comes to mind is me.

I was totally ignorant. I didn't know much about Google Analytics, optimization of search engines, target markets, marketing and strategies to communicate and bring them to my site with the right people.

Every single dollar I invested for the first couple of years was literally wasted and I'm worried that there is a large percentage of those 27 million people who are in exactly the same place I was years ago.

While today this isn't the most exciting business venture on the market, it's something you can easily start now. You will learn about companies, internet markets over the next year and start acquiring the skills you need to create something truly valuable.

This is the insight and expertise that I've been gaining for years and tens of thousands of dollars — you have the chance this year to acquire some of that expertise, while not risking a single dollar.

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