Facebook Inc. Dominates the Social Media Landscape #infographic

Facebook Inc. Dominates the Social Media Landscape
When people think of Facebook as a company, they mostly think of Facebook as a social network. But Facebook Inc. is much more than that, as the chart shows beautifully today. With WhatsApp, Instagram, and, of course, Facebook, and Messenger, the company owns four of the world's largest social media / messaging services. Facebook alone is used by nearly 2.5 billion people per month, while WhatsApp has 2 billion monthly users and Messenger has also surpassed the billion-user mark. According to data aggregated by DataReportal, Tencent, the Chinese company behind WeChat, Qzone and Messenger QQ also has a total of almost 2.5 billion users but still has more.

What all the services listed in the chart below have in common is their immense attractiveness to advertisers. Not only can they all boast hundreds of millions of users, but they do have the potential to target different audiences based on likes, dislikes, and past behavior. That's why social media advertising has evolved tremendously in the last few years. According to the Statista Digital Business Forecast, global social media advertising revenue is projected to top $98 billion in 2020.

Facebook Inc. Dominates the Social Media Landscape #infographic

Source: www.statista.com

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