Enhancing Home Learning #infographic

Enhancing Home Learning
It's difficult to adjust to remote school. 76% of students report having a lower spirit than before the pandemic, and more than 8 out of 10 parents are struggling to keep their children engaged.

Teachers are also concerned-the learning adaptation would put academic challenges on their students. But when learning is fun, it's easy to get kids engaged. Here's how educators and parents should work together so that students can still learn and succeed.

Your child is likely to need access to technology to complete the eSchool. But technology can be as frustrating as it can be resourceful. Switching on "do not disturb" mode during class sessions and silencing – not vibrating – alerts will minimize interruptions.

"Screen time" and "work mode" mobile phone settings will help to minimize distractions as well. Screen Time, an Apple iOS feature, allows users to set time limits for individual apps and settings. Focus mode, an Android feature, lets users block certain apps from being used on a fixed schedule.

Enhancing Home Learning #infographic

Source: www.onlineschoolsreport.com

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