The Most Popular Yoga and Meditation Apps #infographic

The Most Popular Yoga and Meditation Apps
Take a moment to relax this Sunday. Every 21 June, International Yoga Day celebrates the practice of what some see as a physical exercise, while others claim to be a much more spiritual undertaking. After the coronavirus outbreak, several yoga studios have closed their doors, resulting in yoga and meditation fans having to resort to home practice via online courses and yoga devices.

The Calm app was the most downloaded app in the region, with 5.26 million downloads on Google Play from January to June 18 of this year, according to Priori Data. The app provides activities and courses intended to relieve stress and anxiety through music and relaxation programs. The ranking continues with apps Headspace (2.08 million downloads) and Meditopia (1.89 million downloads). The first app, dedicated solely to the physical practice of yoga, is ranked 4: Yoga Go – Train at Home (1.39 million downloads).

The Most Popular Yoga and Meditation Apps #infographic


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