Managing Momentum #infographic

Managing Momentum
Going forward is better when you're already going forward, so getting off from a standstill is always going to be harder. That's why maintaining momentum is so critical. It's easier to slow down when it's needed than to stop entirely. Thought of the car's gas mileage. You use the most gas to start and stop in the area, so when you get off the highway, the gas mileage goes up as it takes less to keep the momentum going. It's the same thing about controlling your own momentum.

People get stuck sometimes, and it's hard to get unstuck. Procrastination is putting mental roadblocks in our path and pushing them so that we can get back on track may seem like a Herculean task. Particularly right now, in the middle of a big global epidemic of a dangerous virus, it might seem like we can't really get much done anyway, so why bother, but you can get yourself unstuck and start moving forward again. It's just taking baby steps to get started.

Managing Momentum #infographic

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