Driver Accreditation Requirements #infographic

Driver Accreditation Requirements
The transport sector is one of the fastest-growing sectors in Australia. However, it is not enough to hold a full driving license when it comes to driving a rental car, a motorcycle, a public bus, a ride, a courier vehicle, etc. Driver accreditation is also a must in that case. Driver accreditation is a state-of-the-art scheme to ensure that the driver complies with all safety standards and is suitable for the industry.

There is a provision for every State and territory. However, in order to qualify for driver accreditation, it is usually likely that a traffic background, medical history, and criminal history review will be needed in countries such as South Australia, Children's Control, and Northern Territory.

In the Traffic History search, the form of the offense, how old the offense was, how serious it is being investigated. Some requirements have been set by the Austroads and National Transport Commission in the Medical Background Review. The applicant must comply with the criteria.

Driver Accreditation Requirements #infographic


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