Do Airbnb Landlords Deserve a Bailout #infographic

Do Airbnb Landlords Deserve a Bailout
As the coronavirus devastates Airbnb, we looked at how severe the case is for the hosts.
To be honest, the network has been in a very tough condition, as has been shown by drastic declines worldwide since March. The rental analytics firm AirDNA puts a number of numbers at the level of devastation:

New bookings are down by 85 percent

Cancellation rates have been around 90 percent

$1.5 billion in bookings has been wiped out

With a lot of the world lock-down, no travel means no rental income for hosts. Yet they 're still on the hook for their own mortgage and rental payments, so they're in a severe cash-flow crunch.

This is especially troublesome for those 'super hosts' who have developed whole companies around the Airbnb network and a portfolio of several assets.

Do Airbnb Landlords Deserve a Bailout #infographic


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