Burnout & Chronic Stress #infographic

Burnout & Chronic Stress
There's a burnout crisis going on and it's costing companies a lot of money. 77% of all professionals and 84% of Millennials report feeling burned, and 51% of American employees feel burned more than once in their careers. This burnout leads to decreased efficiency , higher turnover and many other serious issues in the workplace. How will employers ensure that their employees maintains the work / life balance they need to succeed?

A third of workers blame the increasing scope of technology for their burnout problems. No longer job remains at job – technology enables us to bring it home with us, blurring the distinction between working and non-working hours. The same technology also prohibits us from having face-to - face encounters with friends, which can ultimately lead to feelings of social isolation.

Burnout & Chronic Stress #infographic

Source: www.online-phd-degrees.com

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