Biden Fundraising Surges Alongside Polls #infographic

Biden Fundraising Surges Alongside Polls
Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden raised more than $11 million for his bid after featuring on a live fundraiser broadcast with former President Barack Obama. That number, along with a record $81 million in fundraising in May, helped boost the campaign 's finances high enough to compete closely with Donald Trump's fundraising estimates.

According to OpenSecrets, Biden's campaign has officially raised more than $210 million over the course of his candidacy. While those numbers are still short of Trump's reported $287 million raised, Biden's campaign has seen large increases in donations every month since the beginning of the year.

In January, the movement raised just under $9 million in gross donations. By March, the figure had risen to just under $50 million, and by April, it had risen to an all-time peak of around $60 million.

Early in Biden's campaign, many contributions could be traced back to the major individual and business contributors who made up the majority of Biden's cash flow. Large donations still make up most of the campaign 's finances, but small individual donations of less than $200 have grown to around 40% of all donations.

Biden's rise in political contributions comes as he tries to drive Trump ahead in the polls. Recent June polls indicate that Biden led Trump by an average of 11 points-the the largest margins in the race.

Biden Fundraising Surges Alongside Polls #infographic


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