Bail or bust for Europe's airlines #infographic

Bail or bust for Europe's airlines
European airlines have received billions in government funding since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Germany's Lufthansa, the world's fourth largest airline, has received a EUR 9 billion lifeline, the biggest German corporate rescue operation to date caused by COVID-19. This was no exception to that. On 26 June, for example, the Netherlands announced details of its financial support for KLM with a EUR 3.4 billion bailout package. Earlier, France reported EUR 7 billion worth of funding for Air France.

This support comes at the expense of the airlines, however, as the majority of European governments add environmental criteria to their funding. This is because greenhouse gas emissions in the industry have continued to increase until 2020. For example, between January and June 2019, carbon emissions from departure flights originating in Austria and Finland increased by 19 and 8 per cent , respectively.

Bail or bust for Europe's airlines #infographic


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