World Press Freedom Index #infographic

World Press Freedom Index
In many Western countries, it’s handy to take press freedom for granted. Instances of pretend news, clickbait, and hyper-partisan reporting are factors of consternation in the present-day media landscape, and can now and again overshadow the higher accurate that unrestricted journalism presents to society.

Of course, the potential to do that vital work can range substantially round the world. Being an investigative journalist in Sweden comes with a very distinctive set of occasions and issues than doing an identical aspect in the united states of America such as Saudi Arabia or Venezuela.

Today’s map highlights the consequences of the 2020 Global Press Freedom Index, produced by means of Reporters Without Borders. The document appears at press freedom in one hundred eighty nations and territories.

Today, almost 75% of nations are in classes that the document describes as problematic, difficult, and very serious.

While these bad forces regularly come in the structure of censorship and intimidation, journalism can be an unstable career in some of the extra restrictive countries. One instance is Mexico, the place almost 60 journalists had been killed as a direct end result of their reporting over the closing decade.

World Press Freedom Index #infographic


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