What is Big Tech Contributing to Help Fight COVID-19 #infographic

What is Big Tech Contributing to Help Fight COVID-19
In the ongoing international campaign towards COVID-19, anybody has a section to play. As the state of affairs intensifies, the non-public zone has additionally been rallying to assist governments and healthcare groups cope with the situation, and U.S. tech agencies are no exception.

With a mixed market capitalization of over $4.7 trillion, the “FAAMG” Five—Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and Alphabet (Google)—wield giant impact on the economy, as properly as the plausible to have an impact on lives throughout this difficult time.

Many human beings count number on Google to discover dependable information and assets in the course of the pandemic. Google’s mum or dad company, Alphabet, has centered its economic aid closer to small corporations and healthcare researchers, frequently via providing thousands and thousands of greenbacks in marketing credits.

Google has additionally promised to ramp up the manufacturing of three million masks for the CDC Foundation. In addition, Google has partnered with Apple to create an invulnerable and personal contact-tracing device to resource public fitness authorities.

Facebook is any other huge platform thru which information—and misinformation—spreads rapidly and easily. Especially in instances of crisis, the unfold of poorly-vetted data can have an extreme have effect on our fitness and well-being.

What is Big Tech Contributing to Help Fight COVID-19 #infographic

Source: www.visualcapitalist.com

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