The United States of Sandwiches #infographic

The United States of Sandwiches
What’s your favorite type of sandwich? We took a seem to be at every character country to put collectively the United States of Sandwiches, presenting some of the most basic distinctiveness sandwiches ever. From Alabama’s pulled rooster with white sauce to the trout sandwich in Wyoming, you’ll have to strive a few (or all of these) due to the fact they’re now not solely tasty however you’ll be making an attempt lots of new sandwiches! So who’s hungry? Let’s take a seem to be at the unique sandwiches from each nation throughout America.

This tradition is a staple in two Northeast states, however, Connecticut and Maine have their personal special takes on the famous lobster roll. In Connecticut, they decide upon to serve it hot, tossing a quarter-pound of lobster meat onto a bun and drenching it in melted, creamy butter. In Maine, on the different hand, you’ll see that the lobster is served bloodless on a grilled, warm bun. The lobster itself is tossed with mayonnaise, chopped celery, and a squeeze of lemon. You can’t go incorrect with either!

The United States of Sandwiches #infographic


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