6 Ways RCS is Being Used By Top Businesses in 2020 #infographic

6 Ways RCS is Being Used By Top Businesses in 2020
In the summer season of 1994, Internet banking didn’t exist in the US (most US shoppers hadn’t even heard of Internet banking yet) and but solely 6 years later 80% of US banks commenced supplying Internet banking. To put that into perspective, there have been 8,339 US banks in 2000 and about 6,671 of these banks have been providing Internet banking – a science that had been delivered simply 6 years prior.

Whenever a new science hits the market groups rush to locate achievable makes use of for it and how to enhance their backside line through integrating that technology; and whilst that technological know-how would possibly appear new at first earlier than you recognize it all of your opponents have already located use instances and have carried out that science – Internet banking is one instance and Google RCS another.

There is a developing style of quicker technological know-how adoption as a long time goes by using which makes a rapid motion on the phase of corporations even extra necessary now than it used to be 20 years ago. RCS is going to alternate how corporations see commercial enterprise messaging – partly due to the fact it’s being pushed in advance with the aid of one of the largest tech agencies in the world and partly due to the fact a new generation of SMS was once sorely needed.

6 Ways RCS is Being Used By Top Businesses in 2020 #infographic

Source: masterofcode.com

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