Belief around Superstitions #Infographic

Belief around Superstitions
Is Friday, the thirteenth a lousy day for you
Would you get fearful when your direction is crossed using a black cat?
Stop passing beneath ladders?

Those superstitions, many of us believe. If we see a black cat, we alternate our direction, pass our fingers for proper luck, and give up all people who try to open a paraglider inside.

But how many Americans are superstitious, in reality?

YouGov carried out an insightful survey of March 13 touchdown on a Friday, the place they requested Americans how superstitious they are. Just 9 percent confessed to being superstitious in their responses whilst 35 percent stated they have been now not virtually superstitious.

It looks as although the Americans don't seem to be plenty worried about the two Thursday, the thirteenth we are going to see in 2020. Or some different concept in this way! Aren't you?

Belief around Superstitions #Infographic


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