Are You Ready for the Next Health Epidemic? #infographic

Are You Ready for the Next Health Epidemic?
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States has identified but every other case of coronavirus, elevating the wide variety of verified instances to five. The new verified case is placed in Arizona however in latest instances all 5 instances of coronavirus recognized in the US consist of men and women travelling to Wuhan at some point.

According to Johns Hopkins University, about 3,000 coronavirus instances have been identified–with a majority in China. And the fitness disaster is increasing rapidly to different world nations such as Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Vietnam, Singapore, and South Korea.

The failure of world fitness authorities to display the epidemic poses the huge question: How are the nations geared up to comprise these massive outbreaks? What state is the most and least geared up to handle an outbreak of this severity from the 195 nations worldwide?

The Global Health Protection Index was once posted ultimate year, in which nations round the world assessed the costs of preparedness. The international locations had been measured on a scale from zero to one hundred with the very best being 100.

The United States scored 83.5 as predicted, and got here out as the world's most organized country. United Kingdom got here in 2nd with a rating of 77.9 whilst the Netherlands got here in 0.33 with 75.6. The coronavirus epicenter–China came in 51st vicinity with 48.2 points.

If it got here to the nations least organized for fitness emergencies, Africa was once viewed the most prone with Equatorial Guinea and the worst country being Somalia. The two international locations averaged simply over sixteen factors and listed in 194 and 195.

Are You Ready for the Next Health Epidemic? #infographic


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