Visualizing America’s Student Debt by State #infographic

Visualizing America’s Student Debt by State
The interactive map builds on scholar debt mortgage reviews from the 2013 American Community Survey, compiled utilizing Experien and income data. Experiential data had been used with the aid of researchers to evaluate the average deposit balance and the crime rate in zip-codes throughout the nation. This enables the ensuing choropleth maps to seize the sharp disparities between US regions as well as variations in metropolitan areas when coupled with the ACS demographic information.

The data indicate an adverse connection between median income and delinquency while the relationship between income and the average savings stability appears to be positive. That is, extra wealthy folks tend to have bigger deposit balances all through the U.S. but are inclined to create repayments for such loans more effectively, while poorer borrowers are greater likely to take lower loans however additionally default on their loans. 

Visualizing America’s Student Debt by State #infographic

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