DC Character And Their Super Sayings #Infographic

 DC Character And Their Super Sayings
Does it really matter if you’re team Batman or team Superman anymore? As long as you’re a fan of DC Comics, we see it as a win. It’s hard not to love the dark and gritty storylines that make up the DC Universe. The stories and characters have come a long way since the comic book days. And even though we might be overly passionate about who portrayed Batman, Superman or the Joker best, these recent releases have a special place in our hearts because of the universe its creating. DC Comics has created a universe of its own with its ever-growing collection of movies based around some of the most iconic superheroes, and supervillains, of all time. The DC Extended Universe borrows ideas from the original DC Universe by crossing over common plot points, settings, casts and characters with the recent Warner Bros movies. Starting with 2013’s Man of Steel the DCEU is currently compromised of seven films, with many more premiering over the next few years. To prepare you for all the awesome DCEU movies to come, we thought we’d put together a list of our favorite quotes from the latest movies. Just in time for Halloween too. If these DCEU movie quotes reignited your love for all things DC Comics, maybe a DC Comic Halloween costume will swoop in to fill the void until Birds of Prey premieres in 2020.

 DC Character And Their Super Sayings #Infographic

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