5 Facts About The Joker #infographic

5 Facts About The Joker
No more iconic opponent of Batman than Joker is. But how a whole lot are you conscious of this insane murderer? Some humans believe he started out his profession as Jack Napier, but that was no longer widely wide-spread as a canon. They claim that he has notable health, an increased sensory perception, which takes his psychopaths and sociopaths farther into his spectrum.

There are also rumours, which is why it was known to target those who are close to Bruce Wayne, that he even knows Batman's real identity. No Batman and Joker can appear to get rid of the other after all these years. But is that without a doubt what they want? Without a Batman, would there be a joker? Or would the Joker be a Batman, greater importantly? 

5 Facts About The Joker #infographic


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